Monthly Archive: January, 2011

Thanks for the Vikings

(This will be the first in my on-going installment series “Why are these still countries?” where I examine the accomplishments of a country and question why they are still allowed on the world… Continue reading

Welcome to Thunderbird

(1) Stardrive The sum of energies available in this system are greater than the losses of the system.  There, I’ve said it, that is Thunderbird.  The close-minded among you can stop reading here.The simplest… Continue reading

Montana Wildhack

(Montana Wildhack is a female character in Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s “Slaughterhouse Five”.  Most notably she appeared on the back of fictitious science fiction magazines, dressed primarily in a smile, requesting, “I want a… Continue reading

Interrupting the Narrative

You don’t need a gun. This is the dirty little secret the NRA and the Gun Lobby don’t want you to know.  In this society, the necessity of hunting for a meal is… Continue reading

Idiocy and Cognitive Dissonance

The scientific method consists of three parts: hypothesis, a prediction based on similar experiments, the experiment based on the hypothesis, and the analysis of the experiment summarized in a conclusion.  This is a dispassionate… Continue reading

To the bereaved, spoken.

As I would not intrudeinto your dark deliberationsneither can I find in silencestilled voices and their light.If allowed, those who awake,though to nightmare day,would across the distancefrom our world to your hellsay from Him they were… Continue reading

The Real Tragedy in Tucson

The most enduring criticism of my work is not the nature of it, the tenor of my words, the lack of passion for my subjects: it is always that I speak them too… Continue reading

Why WIMPs are wimpy (a nugget from "Thunderbird")

Weakly Interacting Massive Particles, WIMPs, are the subject of a rather “massive” project, detailed in this article.“Mining Dark Matter” from Popular Science  Really, you should read that article first before you continue with… Continue reading

If you’re not in the stock market, you don’t count.

On the January 6, 2011 Street Signs (CNBC), the opening segment entitled “Are we there yet?” focused on various metrics surrounding the economic recovery from the March 2009 market bottom (the “Haines bottom”,… Continue reading

So imperfect a riddle, I

“You cast them like pebbles on the ground,”a poet told meand he was right, is right.Though I would amend, placeto be discovered as I find them and call them my own. As I discovered… Continue reading