Interrupting the Narrative

You don’t need a gun.

This is the dirty little secret the NRA and the Gun Lobby don’t want you to know.  In this society, the necessity of hunting for a meal is marginal and in most urban areas, where the vast majority of Americans live, it is not even legal to hunt.  So why all the guns?  Self-protection?  I’m a reasonable man and I comport myself in a reasonable manner and in living this way, feel no need to reach for my piece at any time of the day.  Freedom of speech?  If this is the first article of mine that you have read, you’ll have to take my word for it (or pick at random any other article to read), but I’m pretty free with my opinion, to the point that you would pretty much have to be me to agree with everything I’ve said.  I believe that is why I’m on this planet, to make everyone JUST LIKE ME, you know, make the world a better place and all that, and, in this way, am very much like most people.
The vast majority of the years I’ve lived in Tucson, my work has taken me to every neighborhood in Tucson, met every kind of person here and I’ve never felt threatened.  Then again, I greet everyone with my imperfect, ungraceful smile and call everyone my age or older “Sir” (but I don’t say Ma’am, most women my age and older don’t like that.  The smile usually suffices.)  I don’t do his out of fear, I do this out of respect for my grandmother who raised me that way.  If a person is poor and gracious, they’re treated with my utmost respect because that’s hard, much more difficult than rich and gracious but if a person is decent to me, I return respect.
I don’t need a gun and I’d guess you really don’t need a gun either, if you were being truly honest.
The gun companies know this, so they have to SELL you guns, that’s what they do.  I found it interesting, the publications that came out saying, in the aftermath of the Tucson massacre, that “GUN CONTROL IS DEAD IN CONGRESS ” before anyone even asked them.  I wonder how many of them get money for gun advertising, promote a pro-gun agenda, live in fear of the NRA, the gun manufacturers or the gun nuts?  Remember, they have to sell you guns and fear works.

Guns don’t work.

I don’t mean this in the literal sense, guns do work for killing people, but not for convincing them that you are right.  Many people seem to think that having the gun gives them the last word but it does not end the conversation nor the argument.  It silences objections and, in doing so, does not recognise their validity.  Those objections persist.
If a person does use their gun to voice their opinion, as the murderer in Tucson did, suddenly no one cares what that person had to say.  In this way, guns don’t work other than to galvanize others against you.  So, really all you can do is threaten me with guns, you can’t actually use them.  I understand this much the way both sides in the Cold War understood they could never use their nuclear weapons.  Oddly the same rules apply in politics and nuclear war but the brinkmanship persists.  Could the way the Cold War ended be applied to politics?  Who wants to be Ronnie and who wants to be Gorby?  Can we all just agree to be less fascist?

Interrupting the narrative.

The narrative in Washington persists in the face of any current event.  Nothing can ever change and, if one were to accept that, nothing ever would, I assure you.  If Congress ever wondered why its approval ratings are so low, it is the fact that nothing is ever addressed in real time, as it happens, while the iron is hot, nothing interrupts the narrative-except bank crises and wars.  We can never move too quickly on those fronts…
What would move Congress to engage in the debate if an attack on its members won’t?  Won’t the next thing to interrupt the narrative be more gunfire?