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(1) Stardrive

The sum of energies available in this system are greater than the losses of the system.  There, I’ve said it, that is Thunderbird.  The close-minded among you can stop reading here.
The simplest explanation of this is a correct assessment of the universe.  As it is in a expansionary, energy releasing phase, the sum of the energies are, obviously, greater than the entropic losses.  Seeing it as a phase of energy proceeding to matter (traditionally seen as a entropic loss) ignores the gravitational gains of this phase, as well as the implicit positional energy gains.
If one were to capture energy from the Sun, in sufficient quantities, and plot an escape trajectory, for an object, that allowed it to escape the gravitational field of this solar system, it would naturally fall under the influence of the next gravitational field and proceed to it.  Inexorably slowly perhaps, but it would proceed to the next dominate field.  Once there, a similar process could occur, daisy-chaining the path outward into the next dominate field.
This is how the universe works, how it became how it is and we should take advantage of this fact, if we are so inclined.
In the almost century now since Einstein acknowledged E=mc squared, the implied equality, conservation of universal energy implicit in that statement, has gone virtually unnoticed.  Matter is energy and the loss of velocity is compensated by the higher gravitational energies available AND, perhaps more importantly, the implied positional energies verses the source of the Big Bang, the Source, the singularity.  The sole losses of this system are as a result of the entropic losses occurring as the gravitational field of the source, the primary singularity, created initial mass to the energy proceeding away from the Big Bang and from that, all relative fields came into being.
And you’re welcome.  Again.
More to come when I feel like it.  Beggars can’t be choosers.