Should we be foresaken…

(We all talk of love like we know what it means,
that it is the same, a commodity with measure
and value, and with such an understanding
our transactions occur.  From this abstract calculation
the sum emerges but, when redivided, both feel cheated
in their allotted portion.  None ever keeps all and what is lost,
is forever.

The simplest equation derived from flawed terms.
How is this sacred, when division by zero?
The enumerations of being, when undone, disappear.)

Look up to me,
see in my eyes
that which neither know less the other,
that which the universe can not speak of,
that angels envy with wistful sighs,
that devils decry
as “Not of this Earth!” in their clever lies,
and then speak to me of subdivision
of realms beyond our understanding.
This is our offering from the terms we are given.
I would not say this to you to turn you to me
but that I see you so, full to you as I stand.
I would lose all to you that you could keep all we are
though a soul can not bear what was meant for two,
the sole creation of us that was meant for God.
We would be humbled alone in this shadow
but together are bold and glad of His sight.
The prayer that pounds in our merging hearts,
that whispers as thunder upon His ears,
“Whatever was or will be,
 this is, is ours, and meant for us.
Should we be forsaken, we find our God,
and may we only, together, before Him stand.”