Why WIMPs are wimpy (a nugget from "Thunderbird")

Weakly Interacting Massive Particles, WIMPs, are the subject of a rather “massive” project, detailed in this article.“Mining Dark Matter” from Popular Science  Really, you should read that article first before you continue with… Continue reading

If you’re not in the stock market, you don’t count.

On the January 6, 2011 Street Signs (CNBC), the opening segment entitled “Are we there yet?” focused on various metrics surrounding the economic recovery from the March 2009 market bottom (the “Haines bottom”,… Continue reading

So imperfect a riddle, I

“You cast them like pebbles on the ground,”a poet told meand he was right, is right.Though I would amend, placeto be discovered as I find them and call them my own. As I discovered… Continue reading

The Canary in a Coalmine (or just a canary?)

“What troubles you?” attributed to Perceval Every month or so, CNBC has a guest on that mirrors my concerns about the stability of the economy as they did today in Mike Rubino.  What… Continue reading

The Tender of the Realm.

In George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, a critique of socialist totalitarian states, the most memorable, for me, and the most developed character, is Boxer, the representation of the true Marxist believer, the Hegelian ideal. … Continue reading

Fear of the "Asian Bedroom"

(This article is about SEX and anyone having issues with frank discussions of same are encouraged to skip this post.I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Public Enemy’s album title “Fear of… Continue reading

Brunettes with Square Glasses

(This post will be unusual for several reasons: it will be the first in over a year that was written longhand on real paper with a real pen in an almost premeditated fashion,… Continue reading

Tucson (as Athens)

People see I live in Arizona and immediately think “Racist, fascist, rube, clod-hopper, cactus farmer, etc,,,” .  I get that, I really do, but after the Republican dust-devil (it’s a desert thing) y’all… Continue reading

My Life as a Straw Man.

Looking back on it now, the suddenness, the shocking violence of the movement, the velocity of my ascent should have anticipated if I had been paying attention to anything other than my work. … Continue reading

The Basket of Bread (Rather Death than Shame)

The Basket of Bread (Rather Death than Shame) by Salvador Dali  1945 Bread is a recurring character in many Dali works and he referred to it as a “fetish” object, culturally.  Carrying the… Continue reading